Information request

Information request for TB-3525

Greyboard assembling machine

Features and function

  • Two side boards attaching to the triple board, greatly decrease the greyboard material loss
  • The glue spray can output even glue between the attaches, without lacking glue or leacking glue
  • Spot is highly accurate +/- 0.2mm
  • Adopt PLC to control the machine, simple interface, easy operation, and each unit can be adjusted independently


Technical parameters

Greyboard thicknessT min (mm)1.5
T max (mm)5
Finished box size
L = length, W = width, H = height
L min (mm)100
L max (mm)350
W min (mm)60
W max (mm)250
H min (mm)20
H max (mm)180
Air supply (L/min)300
Air supply (MPa)0.8
Speed (pcs/min)≤ 25
Speed (pcs/h)≤ 1500
Total power (kW)7
Voltage AC (V)380
Power consumption (kW/h)2
Machine net weight (Kg)1200
Machine dimension (mm)2100 x 2300 x 2100