Information request

Information request for TB-GH43

Cover box machine

Features and function

  • Suitable for assembly line of automatic production lines
  • Suitable for the automatic production of the cover box process of various top boxes and bottom boxes
  • Adopt module robot arm positioning
  • Adopt PLC automatic control touch screen man-machine interface to set working parameters
  • Auto error stop and display


Technical parameters

Finished box size
L = length, W = width, H = height
L min (mm)60
L max (mm)400
W min (mm)50
W max (mm)300
H min (mm)20
H max (mm)150
Air supply (L/min)20
Air supply (MPa)0.8
Speed (pcs/min)≤ 20
Speed (pcs/h)≤ 1200
Total power (kW)3.4
Voltage AC (V)220
Power consumption (kW/h)1
Machine net weight (Kg)1300
Machine dimension (mm)2000 x 2000 x 2000