Information request

Information request for TB-TK3510CT

Automatic screen linging machine

Features and function

  • Suitable for assembly line work of automatic production lines
  • It is suitable for all kinds of rigid boxes; embossing boxes partially glued
  • Adopt the automatic correction function of the pull paper
  • This machine adopts screen glue, and auto feed cardpaper with nonstop system
  • Adopt PLC automatic control, touch screen man-machine interface to set working parameters
  • Auto error stop and display

Glue part

Spotter part


Technical parameters

Paper size
A = width, B = length
A min (mm)40
A max (mm)400
B min (mm)40
B max (mm)580
Dimension carton
W = width, L = Length
W min (mm)80
W max (mm)470
L min (mm)110
L max (mm)600
ThicknessT (gsm)80 – 160
Silk-screen glue size
E = Lenght, F = width
E max (mm)600
F max (mm)420
Folding-in depthR (mm)15 – 100
Paper pile height max (mm)600
Greyboard pile height max (mm)600
Speed (pcs/min)≤ 30
Speed (pcs/h)≤ 1800
Total power (kW)11
Voltage AC (V)380
Power consumption (kW/h)3
Machine dimension (mm)6400 x 1850 x 2100